JH1 Realty, Inc is owned and operated by Jared Holland, a Pacific Northwest native and licensed real estate broker with www.freshlookre.com. He was raised on Lopez Island in the San Juan Islands and has been residing in Seattle since 2012. He loves this city and  takes a lot of pride in the work his company does. Jared is proud that they are restoring communities’, helping people and making beautiful homes for people to make memories and raise families in. For additional information please go to www.jaredbuyshouses.com.

JH1 Realty, Inc is a real estate investing company specializing in residential redevelopment and ground up development, primarily working in the Seattle metro area but will work as far south as Tacoma and as far north as Everett. We operate with integrity and do everything we can to make every transaction a win/win for all parties involved. We do our best to make the process as simple as possible because we know how stressful it can be selling your home. We consistently push ourselves in terms of quality of construction, creativeness and staying up with current market trends. We always aim for the highest and best homes we are capable of producing. We do our best to deliver the highest customer service possible so we can continue to build a strong reputation within the industry. We know we’re succeeding when happy clients with strong testimonials  consistently refer JH1 Realty to their friends and family.


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